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Welcome to Bella’s Magical Delites, LLC. We are a growing business of my favorite desserts. Everything is handmade with Bella’s love and with a touch of magic. We hope they become your favorite desserts too!

Bella's Mission

"I started this business to share my favorite cookies with all of you.

My unique cookies are very soft and you can never eat just one. I hope everyone loves these cookies as much as I love baking them!"

Baked with love & authentic ingredients.

Our Newest Delites

Menu: Italian Ricotta Cookies

Italian Ricotta Cookies Starting at $28.00 Per 1 dozen (12 delites) The Italian ricotta cookie is vanilla flavored with vanilla flavored glaze topped with decorations. They are soft and moist like mini cakes and are fabulous anytime of the year. They are approximately 2 inches in diameter, about 1 inch ...
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Menu: Mini Pecan Tarts

Mini Pecan Tarts Starting at $33.00 Per 1 dozen (12 delites) Our mini pecan tart is a wonderfully delicious tart filled with pecans. Hand made pie crust stretched by hand on a cupcake liner. With a finishing touch of powdered confectionery sugar.You may request without the confectionery sugar on your ...
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I hope everyone comes to love these cookies as much as I love baking them. I can’t wait to offer online ordering – check back soon!

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